Dimensions, March/April 2008—’My Museum’: Serving the Member Audience


March/April 2008
Dimensions cover

Is membership the key to moving “beyond the gate”? Should we be building deeper relationships with our most loyal customers? In recent years, ASTC Dimensions has examined such audience segments as early learners, female visitors, teachers, and adults aged 50+. In this issue, we focus on a group often taken for granted: the individuals and families who join our science center as members and renew their memberships year after year. Articles highlight member audience research and approaches to membership fulfillment across a spectrum of ASTC science centers. Together, contributors examine what turns a casual visitor into someone who speaks with pride of “my museum.”

  • Breaking the Mold: The Science of Retooling a Membership Program, by Heather Calvin and Deborah Kulich
  • Passport to Science: Member Benefits That Travel, by Diane Frendak
  • The Continuum of Museum Membership: What Research Tells Us, by Susie Wilkening
  • Value Added: Membership Strategies That Work, by Kelly Brault, Michael Conley, Tara Keblish and Steve Jacobson
  • A Member-Shaped Museum: The New Science Center of Iowa, by Sara Scallon
  • It Feels Like Home: The Core Value of Community, by Paul Tatter and Kristin Leigh
  • Membership Resources

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