Dimensions, November/December 2004—On Becoming an Inclusive Science Center

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November/December 2004

If our institutions are to grow and thrive, science centers and museums must engage new audiences and learn to meet the complex educational needs of our increasingly diverse communities. We cannot do that if we do not ourselves reflect that diversity. In May 2000, ASTC’s board of directors set itself an ambitious task: to “aggressively pursue equity and diversity” as a strategic objective for the entire organization. In October 2001, ASTC adopted the Equity and Diversity Initiative. Three years later, how much closer are we to our objective? In this issue, we offer some reports from the field.

• Beyond Tokenism: Why Diversity Matters in Science Centers, by Barbara Ando and Jeff Rudolph
As Happy As Can Be: Fostering Inclusiveness at Explora, by Paul Tatter
• Haven’t We Done That? Measuring Staff Diversity in Science Centers, by Vivian Jenkins Nelsen
• The ASTC Equity and Diversity Initiative: 2004 Implementation Status Summary
• Native Waters: Integrating Scientific and Cultural Ways of Knowing, by Bonnie Sachatello-Sawyer and Teresa Cohn
• Resources for Inclusion: An International Sampler, by
• Action for Equity and Diversity: Things You Could Start Tomorrow
• Diversity Dialogues: Lessons of the ASTC Conference Fellowship Program, by DeAnna Banks Beane

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