Dimensions, May/June 2012—On Screen, On Air, Online: Science Centers and Media


May/June 2012

The field of media is rapidly changing along with new technologies and ever-evolving audience expectations. Many science centers and museums are at the forefront of these changes, whether they are partnering with local public broadcasting stations or producing their own media offerings in house. In this issue, we examine how science centers and museums are using media (including TV, radio, planetarium shows, and internet platforms) to increase science literacy, deepen engagement, and empower their communities.

  • Supporting Innovation in a Changing Media Landscape, by Marti Louw
  • Partners on a Science QUEST, by Sue Ellen McCann
  • Influencing Change: Community Initiatives Are not Museum Projects, by Ayesha Rowe and Hooley McLaughlin
  • Science Centers as Science Media Centers, by Morten Busch
  • “Ideas Worth Spreading”: TEDxColumbus at COSI, by Andy Aichele
  • Engaging Latino Families in Informal Science, by Lisa Chappa, Melissa R. Cigarroa, Jennifer Correa, Derlly González, Lisa Regalla, and Alicia Santiago
  • The Worldviews Network: Planetariums for Ecological Literacy, by Ka Chun Yu, Healy Hamilton, Rachel Connolly, David McConville, and Ned Gardiner

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