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Dimensions, July/August 2012—On the Horizon: Current and Future Trends in the Science Center Field


July/August 2012

As a key part of our commitment to our members, ASTC is dedicated to providing vision and direction by anticipating trends and helping our member institutions to prepare for new opportunities and challenges. In this issue, we look at a selection of current and future trends that shape and influence the science center and museum field. This brief, and by no means exhaustive, survey of trends includes new exhibit innovations, the Maker Movement, crowdsourcing, informal science learning outside the classroom, and crowdfunding. Have thoughts on these or other important trends on the horizon? Send us a letter to the editor.

  • The Future of Exhibits: Where Are We Headed?, by Julie Bowen
  • Museums and the Maker Movement, by Eric Siegel
  • Harnessing the Crowd, by Elizabeth E. Merritt and Philip M. Katz
  • STEM Learning in Afterschool: Ready to Soar, by Anita Krishnamurthi and Ramya Sankar
  • Crowdfunding: Money from the Masses?, by Larry H. Hoffer

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