Dimensions, January/February 2011—Opening Doors and Extending Our Reach


January/February 2011

Science centers and museums are increasingly making the commitment to bring science to all people. Yet there are many reasons why some members of our communities do not typically visit us. In this issue, we look at the many creative ways science centers are overcoming barriers—including cost, location, lack of interest, language and cultural concerns, or perceptions of museums as unwelcoming or inaccessible—to extend their reach to new audiences. By building relationships based on respect and mutual goals, science centers and museums are engaging ever-diversifying audiences in personally relevant ways.

  • Responsive and Accessible: How Museums Are Using Research to Better Engage Diverse Cultural Communities, by Cecilia Garibay
  • Demographic Transformation and the Future of Museums, by Elizabeth E. Merritt
  • Building Community Ties in Jerusalem, by Nurit Snir
  • Invite, Welcome, and Engage: Building Relationships with Underserved Communities, by Azuka I. MuMin
  • Bringing Science to People Where They Are, by Erik Stengler and Vishwamitra Oree
  • Museum-Produced TV News: Small Science, Big Impact, by Carol Lynn Alpert and Barbara Flagg
  • Broadening Access for Homeless Families, by Stephanie Lenox
  • It’s a Wonderful Gift: Mutuality in Community Engagement, by Vishnu Ramcharan

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