Q&A with Caitlin O’Connell Rodwell: Communicating Elephant Science to a General Audience

Interviewed by Susan Straight

This interview appeared in the March/April 2018 issue of Dimensions magazine.

Caitlin O’Connell Rodwell is a behavioral ecologist at Stanford University and chief executive officer of Utopia Scientific. She is a world-renowned expert on elephants and vibrotactile sensitivity and is using her findings to develop hearing aid technologies for humans. She has given TED talks, written articles and blogs for National Geographic, Smithsonian magazine, and the  New York Times, and published numerous award-winning fiction and non-fiction books. Her “Elephant King” documentary on the Smithsonian Channel won the CINE Golden Eagle Award for Best Environment & Nature Televised Documentary. Her latest two books, Ivory Ghosts and White Gold, are mysteries based closely on her work on location with elephant herds in Namibia. She spoke with Dimensions about her research, writing, and the STEM exhibit on elephants she is developing for science museums.

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