Dimensions, May/June 2009—Rapid Response: Agility and Innovation in Challenging Times


May/June 2009

In a rapidly changing world, science centers must be agile and ready to innovate even in the most challenging times. In fact, demanding circumstances can be the catalysts that inspire centers to serve their communities in new ways while preserving a consistent vision. In this issue, we look at instances in which science centers have responded quickly to challenging situations, including economic difficulties and natural disasters.

  • Agility and the Rapid Pace of Change, by Nancy Stueber
  • Creating Our Future, by John Swanson
  • Outreach that Empowers, by Megan Dickerson
  • Discounted Prices, Increased Attendance, by Kristin Priscella
  • What’s the Buzz? Bringing Breaking News into the Science Museum, by Liza Pryor
  • Managing Organizational Change, by Chris Wallace, Joe Hastings, Marcelo Knobel, and David E. Chesebrough
  • The Balancing Act Between Focus and Flexibility, by Jennifer Martin

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