Dimensions, November/December 2008—Science Celebrations


November/December 2008

In 2009, science centers and museums will celebrate the Year of Science, Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday, and the International Year of Astronomy. Every year, many institutions plan programs around global initiatives like Earth Science Week and international holidays like World Environment Day. New celebrations such as NanoDays and the Cambridge Science Festival, Massachusetts, are introducing thousands of people to science. In this issue, we examine how science celebrations are advancing public engagement with science, changing attitudes, bringing in new audiences, and strengthening links among science centers.

  • Year of Science 2009: Communicating, Collaborating, and Celebrating Science, by Sheri Potter and Judy Scotchmoor
  • From the Origin to the Future of Species: Celebrating Darwin’s Legacy, by Katie Edwards
  • Stars Align for the International Year of Astronomy 2009, by Kat Stein
  • ASTC and the International Year of Astronomy 2009, by Walter Staveloz
  • Challenging and Changing Minds: Emotional Learning and Physics Competitions, by Rachel Moll
  • We Threw a Party and Everybody Came: A Science Celebration Sampler (Small Things Considered, by Vrylena Olney and Karen Pollard; Doors Wide Open for Earth Science Week, by Geoff Camphire and Adrienne Barnett; Cooking Up Science in Cambridge, by John Durant and P.A. d’Arbeloff; Celebrating Science, Enlightening Community in Gujarat, by Narottam Sahoo)

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