Dimensions, January/February 2004—Science Centers as Schools: Extending the Mission

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January/February 2004

This journal often looks at ways that science centers serve schools or foster relationships between museum educators and classroom teachers. But some ASTC members take it a step further. They bring school into the museum, setting up classrooms, opening their collections, collaborating in curriculum design—turning curiosity and exploration into a lifetime of inquiry and discovery. “Can we grow naturalists?” wondered the museum educators who helped start one museum-based school. “Are we really earning our identity as educational institutions?” asks a director who shares his museum with another. Read on, and decide for yourself.

• Earning Our Identity: Are We Bring True to Our Educational Core? by David E. Chesebrough
Museum-School Bridges: A Legacy of Progressive Education, by George E. Hein
• An ASTC Museum-School Sampler
• A Semester for Science: Ontario’s Science School Program, by Catherine Paisley
• In Their Own Words: Middle School Students’ Experiences at the American Museum of Natural History
• Chartering a Course: Three Communities, Three Schools, by Traci Wierman, Kate Bennett, Jacques Bordeaux and David J. Combs
• Many Doors to Learning: Museums Collaborate to Serve Schools, by Aly Evans and Laurie Battles

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