Dimensions, November/December 2001—Science Museums and the Internet

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November/December 2001

In a 1998 ASTC survey, 70 percent of member museums reported having a website; in last year’s survey, the figure was close to 90 percent. But how are we using this powerful new medium? What is our place in an increasingly crowded online world? In this issue, we examine what science centers are doing on the Web—and where online technology might take us.

Nodes and Connections: Science Museums in the Networked Age, by Rob Semper
• Museums and E-Commerce, by Wayne Atherholt and Wit Ostrenko
• One for All: Inviting the World to TryScience, by Eric Marshall
• BIONET: Linking Public Discourse on the Life Sciences, by Andrea Bandelli
• The High Touch Revolution: How Will Museums Respond, by Joel Halvorson

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