Dimensions, September/October 2012—Sparking Innovations, Showcasing Innovators


September/October 2012

Rapid innovations are continually impacting society and our daily lives. Science centers have an important role to play as a link between innovators and the public, a guide that helps communities navigate a constantly changing world, and a safe place for visitors to unleash their own creativity and imagination. In this issue, we look at innovation from multiple perspectives—from how science centers are fostering new innovators and highlighting innovation in their communities and beyond, to how they are applying innovative technology and new research to enhance learning within their walls.

  • Nurturing the Innovator’s Mindset, by Tim Ritchie
  • Why Talk About Innovation in Science Museums?, by Erika Kiessner
  • Inspiring Visitors to Tinker, Create, and Innovate
  • A Science Center’s Role in Innovation During Changing Times, by Kate Bennett, Debra A. Jacobson, and Calvin Uzelmeier
  • Born in Israel: Showcasing Our Innovations, by Maya Halevy, Varda Gur Ben Shitrit, and Dea Brokman
  • Augmented Hands-On Exhibits, by Karen Elinich
  • How New Family Learning Research Can Inform Innovative Programming, by Heather Toomey Zimmerman

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