Dimensions, May/June 2002—Strategies for Tough Times

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May/June 2002

Stagnant attendance, canceled field trips, staff layoffs, and budget cutbacks—recent reports from ASTC members have been sobering. Although these post-September 11th anxieties may be new for many science centers and museums, operational challenges are not. In this issue, we look at strategies that allow institutions to survive and thrive even when the going gets tough.

• Difficult Experiences: A Museum Forum on the Lessons of September 11th, by Emlyn Koster Peterson
• Rising Waters: How Natural Disaster Saved a Struggling Museum, by Nancy Stueber
Promises to Keep: Making Branding Work for Science Centers, by Joyce Gardella
• Raising a Museum, by Charlie Trautmann and Melissa Gattine
• Turning Things Around: Crisis Control for Troubled Museums, by Kim L. Cavendish
• Thriving on Tough Times: How Maloka Became a Beacon for Columbia, by Nohora Elizabeth Hoyos
• MAP-ping a Solution

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