Dimensions, March/April 2003—Sun, Wind, & Water: The Promise of Science Parks

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March/April 2003

What began in India as a “curtain raiser” for a new science center has taken on a life of its own. Around the world, ASTC members are discovering the attractions of science parks—those carefully designed outdoor exhibit areas that combine whole-body play with informal science learning. What makes them so popular? How do you go about designing one? What codes and standards apply? How does outdoor learning differ from what goes on inside the science center? What is the next step in outdoor facilities? These questions and more guide this issue on the “promise of science parks.”

Natural Attractions: Implementing Your Science Park, by Ronen Mir
• Roofed by Sky: How Settings Shape Science Parks, by Saroj Ghose, Roni Ashkenazi, Judy Malkosh and Mikko Myllykoski
• Outdoor Exhibits: Thinking Outside the Fence, by Stephen Pizzey
• Landscape as Exhibit: The Science Park at Montshire Museum, by David Goudy
• Resources for Science Parks
• Mind, Body, and Spirit: The Benefits of Outdoor Learning, by Eugene G. Maurakis
• Design for Playing: Safety and Substance in Outdoor Exhibit Areas, by Joan Krevlin
• Open to Everyone: Making BioQuest Accessible, by Roy Griffiths
• Freedom and Ownership: The Berkeley Adventure Playground, by Katherine Ziff

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