Dimensions, March/April 2005—The Art of Advocacy: Winning Public Support

Dimensions coverMarch/April 2005

Strong public support for science centers and museums should be a given. With science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) high on government priority lists, and legislators worldwide eager to improve STEM education, strengthen science and technology workforces, and boost national economies, it seems logical that ASTC members would receive a goodly share of public monies. But how do we get our message across in the face of large and powerful competitors? In this issue, for which ASTC government and public relations director Sean Smith served as co-editor, we look at advocacy strategies that have proved effective at local, state, and national levels; examine the risks and rewards of taking one’s case directly to the voters; and consider our larger role in the public forum as proponents of lifelong science learning.


• A Gleaming Tower on a Mountain: Developing a Legislative Agenda and Making It Happen, by Greg Andorfer
Working with Lawmakers: Lessons from the Grassroots, by Tom Krakauer
• What Your Legislator Wants from You, by Bill Gilmartin
• Growing Toward a Science Center: The Flanders Model, by Erik Jacquemyn
• On the Ballot: Letting the People Decide
• ECSITE-UK: Britain’s Science Center Advocate
• Thoughts on Representing the Field

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