Dimensions, July/August 2010—The Big Impact of Small Science Centers


July/August 2010

This issue of ASTC Dimensions highlights how small science centers generate outsized impacts in their local communities and beyond. For the purposes of this issue, we define a small science center as one with 25,000 square feet or less of interior exhibit space, or an operating budget of U.S.$2.5 million or less. Though small centers must contend with limited space, resources, and staff, these challenges also bring benefits, including the ability to be flexible and innovative, and opportunities to connect with audiences on a personal level.

  • Big Educational Impact, Small Programming Resources, by Ilene Frank
  • The House of Experiments: Where the Sky Is the Limit, by Miha Kos
  • A Small Science Center’s Impact on Students’ Interest in Science, by Charlie Trautmann
  • Science Alive! in New Zealand and Beyond, by Neville Petrie
  • Repeat Engagement for Visitors, by Emily O’Hara and Beth Krusi
  • On a Human Scale: The Impacts of Size at Explora, by Armelle Casau and Betsy Adamson
  • Revitalizing a Museum from the Ground Up, by Rachel Meyer
  • Leading and Implementing Innovation in Small Science Centers, by Ronen Mir
  • Small Gems, by Ann Fumarolo
  • Small Science Centers at a Glance, by Christine Ruffo
  • Making the Most of Collaborations, by Diane LaFollette, Beth Murphy, Kelly Finnerty, Sonya Darter, and Meadow Jones

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