Dimensions, January/February 2005—The Campus Connection: Linking Museums with Higher Education

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January/February 2005

Almost every science center has some kind of campus connection, whether it’s a formal affiliation (26 ASTC-member museums are run by colleges or universities), partnership in a grant-funded project, or an informal meeting of minds on the departmental level. Researchers find science centers a good match as community partners and dissemination venues. Professors contribute to museum content by lecturing, advising on exhibits, and meeting with visitors on the floor. Undergraduate and graduate students gain real-world experience through internships, technical/design projects, and service-learning. Teachers in training explore museum resources and learn the skills of inquiry-based science. In this issue, we discover some creative opportunities (and challenges) that exist at the interface of academic science and informal education.

University-Museum Collaboration: The Opportunity and the Need, by Kenneth H. Keller
• A Shared Passion: Leveraging Resources Through Museum-University Projects, by Ronen Mir
• Polymer Power: Partnering to Enrich an Exhibition, by Elizabeth Romanaux
• Where Past and Present Meet: the Change Role of the University Museum, by Marta C. Lourenco
• A Bridge To Science: Israel’s University-Sponsored Museums, by Esthy Berzner
• Digital Strategies: Partnering for Personalization, by Clark Dodsworth
• An ‘A’ for Service: Tapping the Talent at Community Colleges, by Cheryl Kessler and Carolyn Sutterfield

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