Dimensions, July/August 2002—The Meeting of Art & Science

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July/August 2002

Are art and science mutually incomprehensible, the “two-cultures” described by physicist C.P. Snow? Or are they mutually complementary, two ways of expressing what physicist David Bohm called “a certain oneness and totality, a wholeness”? In this issue, museum professionals discuss the roles that artists play in their institutions and explore what happens when art and science meet.

The Greater Good: Why We Need Artists in Science Museums, by Peter Richards
• Mirroring Technology, by Marc Girard
• Whole-Body Learning: The Role of Dance in Science Centers, by Jan Crocker
• A Universe Shared, by Jeanne T. Gerulskis
• Taking Art and Science Public: A Project of the California Science Center, by Diane C. Perlov
• Please Touch, by Sean Bradley and George Mummert
• A Beautiful Wholeness: Art and Science at Universum, by Sergio de Regules
• The Genesis of a Sculpture, by Joaquin Fargas

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