Dimensions, May/June 2007—The New Face of Teacher Education

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May/June 2007

ASTC Dimensions last took an in-depth look at teacher education programs in science centers and museums in 2002. Since then, the No Child Left Behind legislation has altered the formal education landscape in the United States, and formal-informal collaborations have changed elsewhere as well. We asked museum educators to tell us how their professional development programs for teachers have changed and how science centers are maintaining the commitment to inquiry-based education in the face of the new expectations from public funders. This issues represents a sampling of their responses.


    When Schools Meet Museums: Finding a Third Way, by Bronwyn Bevan
    • Leave No Teacher Behind, by Linda Shore
    • Partners for a New Era: The Challenge of the NCLB Funding, by Coleen Pelak
    • Building Teacher Leaders: The Da Vinci Fellows Program, by Dave Smith and Tara Broczkowski
    • What Teachers Told Us: Implementing Inquiry Learning for Schools, by Mary Ann Wojton
    • Experience, Confidence, and Tools: The Grounding in Botany Program, by Martha Kirouac
    • Field Trips for Teachers, by Christine Lewis
    • Promoting Technology Literacy in Schools: A Museum of Science Initiative, by Cary Sneider
    • Leveraging Training through Networks, by Eva Jonsson
    • Learning Before 4: Science for Early Childhood Educators, by Cindy Detuelo
    • Looking Beyond NCLB: Alternative Audiences for Teacher Education, by Pete Yancone
    • Supporting Xciters: A PENCIL Project Program, Sheena Laursen

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