Dimensions, July/August 2001—Volunteer Power!

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July/August 2001

As countries around the world observe the U.N.-sponsored “International Year of Volunteers 2001,” science centers and museums have good reason to celebrate. In this issue, we hear from volunteer program directors, museum staff, and volunteer themselves about the many ways that volunteering adds value to the museum experience.

Ready, Set, Go! Maximizing Success with Museum Volunteers, by Jan Davison
• Why I Volunteer: Three Personal Stories, by Roger Booco, Christine Saulsbury and Kenyatta Miles
• The Year of Volunteers: Celebrating a Vital Source, by Carolyn Sutterfield
• Playing on the TAG Team: How Local Experts Enrich One Science Center’s Offerings, by Debra A. Jacobson
• Meaningful Contributions: The Role of Training in the Volunteer Experience, by Simone Mortan, Lynn Baum and Mary Kay Cunningham

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