Dimensions, March/April 2012—Where Art and Science Meet


March/April 2012

In order to meet the challenges of the future, we must build a workforce that is skilled and knowledgeable in science, technology, engineering, and math. But a basic understanding of these subjects is not enough; we also need to cultivate creative thinking and innovation. Exploring the intersections between art and science can promote critical thinking, creativity, and imagination, while encouraging public engagement with science. In this issue, science and art museum professionals, artists, and other practitioners share examples of successful creative collaborations, as well as practical advice for navigating the crossroads between science and art.

  • Desperately Seeking Innovation: Making Connections Between Art and Science, by Robert Stein
  • The Common Ground of Art and Science Explorations, by Bernie Zubrowski
  • Science Gallery: Creative Collisions of Art and Science, by Michael John Gorman
  • Arts Inspired by Medical Science, by Meroë Candy
  • An Art and Science Gallery
  • Art: An Arc of Inquiry, by JD Talasek
  • Bringing Art and Science Together, by Suzanne McCaffrey and Angela Seals
  • The Confluence of Art, Science, and Nature, by Ned Kahn

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