Dimensions, September/October 2001—Where's the Science in Science Centers

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September/October 2001

How to put science in the hands of the people, when the scientific enterprise now operates on a scale both microscopic and vast? That’s a central question for science centers, one that gets harder to answer as museum leaders feel increasingly constrained by a complex, competitive environment. In this issue, we hear multiple perspectives on the challenge of keeping the science in science centers—from the role of floor staff to the meaning of “science” itself.

A Scientist for the Day: Exploration and Discovery in the Museum, by J. Shipley Newlin Jr.
• What is ‘Science’ Anyway? Differing Perceptions among Science Center Staff, by Shawn Rowe
• Science at the Smithsonian, by Carolyn Sutterfield
• Partners for Public Understanding: Science Researchers and Museums Join Forces, by Art Ellis, Paul Krajniak, Deanna TeBockhorst, Wendy Naughton and David A. Ucko
• Doing ‘Wet Science’, by Ingrid Sulston and Martin Weiss
• In Defense of Scientifically ‘Worthless’ Exhibits, by Albert J. Read

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