Dimensions, September/October 2003—Why Staff Development Matters

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September/October 2003

In these challenging times, when some ASTC members are revising old strategic plans and others are formulating new ones, it’s important to remember the one great resource that all science centers—large or small, new or established—have in common: our people. The success of any plans we make depend on how well we nurture the skills, look for the potential, and engage the creative power of everyone who works in our institutions. In this issue, we look at how some science centers are doing just that.

• It’s All in Their Heads: Capturing and Building Intellectual Capital, by Lynn Row
• Growing Our Own: The Science Center Ladder, by Preeti Gupta
• Staff Training at Maloka, by Elizabeth Hoyos
• Best People, Best Practices: A Development Strategy for Success, by Geoffrey Snowdon and Harison Yusoff
Advancing Each Other: Lessons from the ASTC RAPs, by Carolyn Sutterfield and Sally Middlebrooks
• Outside the Box: Staff Redeployment as a Strategic Tool, by Larry Bell
• Learning to Speak ‘School’: A Part-Time Program for Museum Educators, by Bronwyn Bevan
• Learning on the Job, by Carolyn Sutterfield

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