ASTC Members: Get Involved in the March 2012 "Planet under Pressure" Conference!

Dear ASTC Member:

You and your institution have the opportunity to be part of a significant science-based, global event—and no travel or extra expenditures are required!

The international scientific community will convene in London, March 26-29, 2012, for the worldwide Planet under Pressure: New Knowledge Towards Solutions conference ( leading up to the Rio+20 Earth Summit ( in June 2012. Science centers and science center networks all over world will be organizing activities that run concurrently with those in London.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3, and we want you to participate.

Here’s how to get involved:

1. Between March 26 and March 29, organize any type of event—a debate, a demonstration, a guest speaker, an educational program, even a film—that deals with one of the themes of the Planet under Pressure (PuP) conference. This doesn’t need to be a new event—you may already have something planned for that time period that connects to one of the issues. Do this and you’ll get access to a special Planet under Pressure logo and receive promotional material—including a joint press release with Planet under Pressure—you can use to get recognition from your local community and the media for participating in this global event.

2. Upload information about your PuP-related activities onto a worldwide Google map. When all of the institutions upload their activities, the map will be full, demonstrating the global reach of ASTC members and the international science center community. Following the events, each member will count the number of participants at their site.

3. Here’s what you’ll get in return:

  • Scientific documents and video interviews from scientists you can use in your own program, now and later.
  • Your visitors will be able to ask questions of scientists via email and/or live during specific Planet under Pressure events (there are a limited number of guaranteed live connections, which will be distributed to ensure geographical diversity; contact ASTC for information).
  • Tools to help you ensure your institution gets local recognition for being part of this global effort.
  • After the event, data indicating how many people participated in your country and worldwide, to aid further advocacy efforts.
  • Feedback on what questions most interest people worldwide.

Why participate? This event will raise your profile, locally and nationally, and position your science center as part of an active global network. This is exactly the kind of “collective action on behalf of science” that was envisioned in the Toronto (2008) and Cape Town (2011) Science Centre World Congress Declarations and your science center can participate, no matter how small or large you are. ASTC wants to promote the presence and visibility of the global science center field at Planet under Pressure and the Rio+20 Earth Summit. It is therefore essential to have as many of its members organizing Planet under Pressure events as possible. This will assist us in establishing solid relationships on your behalf with the international scientific community and international education organizations.

There is strength in numbers and collective action. Many ASTC members are already involved in international activities and we hope to have very strong representation from across the globe. It’s not too soon to start planning your institution’s involvement during PuP; we will be sharing additional resources and information to assist you along the way.

If ASTC can assist you with gaining a better understanding of PuP and the Rio+20 Earth Summit, or discussing possible ideas for activities, please contact Walter Staveloz, director of international relations, at or (202) 783-7200 x118.