ASTC named Earth Hour partner, launches green initiative

Earth Hour 2007 in Sydney, Australia In recognition of the crucial role science centers play in educating the public, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has named ASTC as a partner in its Earth Hour initiative. On March 29, 24 cities around the world will turn off their non-emergency lights from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m (local time). ASTC is mobilizing the science center community and encouraging members to get involved. Participation may take a number of forms, from a stargazing party at the Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, to “Kill-a-Watt” conservation activities at the Philippine Science Centrum, Manila. The goal is to raise awareness of energy consumption and climate issues by demonstrating the impact of collective individual actions. In doing so, Earth Hour proponents hope to inspire citizens and organizations to reflect upon how they can address climate change.

Earth Hour provides a great opportunity for ASTC to take a closer look at the energy consumption of both individual institutions and the science center field as a whole. What is our carbon footprint? What policies have our members implemented to address this global crisis? To address these questions, ASTC is launching a new initiative to gather information about members’ current green practices and then collectively set goals for our field. To join a special task force dedicated to this initiative, please contact Walter Staveloz, director of international relations,