Congratulating NASA’s Universe of Learning Mini-fund Recipients

The Crab Nebula. Photo: NASA

NASA’s Universe of Learning is a STEM learning and literacy program that provides resources and experiences related to NASA astrophysics.

Using NASA resources, these 18 awardees are creating projects and programs for their local audience that can be shared with and adapted by other organizations. The goal is to strengthen science learning and literacy, and to enable inquisitive learners to discover the universe for themselves in innovative, interactive ways that meet today’s 21st century needs.

In order to apply for the mini-funds, organizations had to attend seven NASA Universe of Learning webinars offered through ASTC in February–May. Webinars covered the three fundamental questions of NASA’s Astrophysics Division regarding our universe and ourselves: Are we alone? How did we get here? How does the universe work?

Each participating institution was then eligible to submit an application that included a written proposal of how they would use the funds (up to $2,500).

More ASTC Universe of Learning webinars will be scheduled in 2019. For notifications about upcoming opportunities, please write to me.

Cassiopeia A. Photo: NASA

  • The Adler Planetarium, Chicago, California
  • Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Children’s Creativity Museum, San Francisco, California
  • EcoExploratorio, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
  • Exploration Place, The Sedgwick County Science and Discovery Center, Wichita, Kansas
  • Kopernik Observatory & Science Center, Vestal, New York
  • L.C. Bates Museum, Hinckley, Maine
  • Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, Maryland
  • McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, Concord, New Hampshire
  • Mid-America Science Museum, Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Museum of Discovery and Science, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • The Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington
  • Museum of Life and Science, Durham, North Carolina
  • Palouse Science Center, Pullman, Washington
  • Pensacola MESS Hall, Pensacola, Florida
  • Science Central, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • SPI: Where Science and Play Intersect, Mount Vernon, Ohio
  • The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology, Newark, Ohio