Noyce Leadership Institute launched

Noyce Leadership Institute FellowsThe Noyce Leadership Institute’s first cohort of Fellows—17 chief executives from science centers worldwide—recently gathered in Seattle for a week-long session beginning the nine-month program of face-to-face sessions, coaching, video conferencing, and peer learning. The Institute was founded in partnership with ASTC to immerse both existing and aspiring executives in cutting-edge knowledge and tools, promising practices, and professional networks, with an eye to increasing their capacity to lead effectively and have a greater impact in their communities. Over the long term, the Institute aims to strengthen the impact of science centers as innovative educational hubs.

Primary funding for the Institute comes from the Noyce Foundation, with additional support from the David & Lucile Packard Foundation, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Additional programs for chief executives and others who aspire to leadership roles in science centers are being planned. More information and an opportunity to meet with Noyce Leadership Institute representatives will be available at the ASTC Annual Conference in Philadelphia in October.

Photo by Chee-kuen Yip, Macao Science Centre