Science Centers Smile for NASA Satellites

More than 400 children create a 300 square meter  Since May 15, science centers all over the world have been participating in the Albedo Experiment, a project created by ASTC’s global warming initiative, IGLO, and the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Working with students of all ages, science centers have been creating giant white spots, or mock “ice caps,” out of used and donated materials. NASA satellites are photographing these spots, which will then be measured for their reflectivity and compared to photos taken before their creation as a lesson in how Polar ice helps regulate Earth’s temperature. Already the Albedo Experiment has received much international media attention from Yahoo! News, ABC Radio, BBC RadioWales,, Time magazine, and local news outlets. For a complete list of participating institutions as well as links to relevant activities and information, please visit the IGLO web site.

About the image: More than 400 children create a 300 square meter “ice cap” at MadaTech, Haifa, Israel, for the Albedo Experiment.