Setting Course for Our Future through an Expanding and Aligned ASTC Staff

To better support our members, and following our extensive member- and stakeholder-listening process in 2018, the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) now is engaged in a transformative process to implement a new strategic direction.

We are excited to share more details over the coming months with our members and partners about ASTC’s future, including our plans for new programs, updated services, and various partnerships and collaborations that will advance our ASTC community.

To prepare for this future, ASTC is building capacity across the organization towards its future efforts to:

  • Make the case for the work of science centers and museums
  • Identify future trends and frontiers that have broad impact on society and equity, and help ASTC members prepare, respond, and lead
  • Connect ASTC members—including current and future leaders—for idea exchange, learning, and collaboration

To support ASTC in the context of this new strategic direction, the ASTC staff has been aligned across five teams, which include:

  • A Communications and Advocacy Team. This team will support ASTC’s efforts to champion and make the case for the work of science centers and science museums with key stakeholders, develop and communicate ASTC’s key messages to our members and other audiences, and create tools that equip science center and museum staff to make the case for their work with current and new stakeholders. For this team, ASTC has opened searches for new team members, including a Director of Communications and Advocacy; a Manager of Advocacy; and a Coordinator of Communications.
  • An Impact and Inclusion Team. This team will support ASTC’s efforts to develop and lead partnerships, pilots, programs, and initiatives to support its members in thriving in evolving market contexts, navigating future trends, delivering against their missions to serve their communities, and being welcoming, inclusive, and culturally competent organzations. For this team, ASTC has opened a search for a Director of Impact and Inclusion Initiatives.
  • A Member Engagement and Services Team. This team will support ASTC’s efforts to foster strong relationships with, and connections among, our association members; engage leadership and staff at ASTC member institutions with each other through regular communication, networking, and data sharing; and lead programs to build capacity across the science-center workforce, including support for current and future leaders of these institutions. For this team, ASTC has opened searches for new team members, including a Director of Member Engagement and Services and a Coordinator of Membership Services and Conference.
  • A Finance and Administration Team.  This team will ensure that the organization maintains strong fiscal and administrative management to meet its obligations for responsible use of member dues and grant funds, while planning for long-term financial sustainability. For this team, ASTC has opened searches for new team members, including a Senior Manager of Finance and Administration; and a Staff Accountant.
  • The staff of the Center for Advancement of Informal STEM Education (CAISE). The CAISE team based at ASTC works in cooperation with the National Science Foundation’s Advancing Informal STEM Learning program (NSF AISL) to build and advance the informal STEM education field, by providing infrastructure, resources, and connectivity for educators, researchers, evaluators, and other interested stakeholders, including through the website

As we align and expand our team, we hope that our new team members join us in aiming to: make a positive impact in service of our members, their communities, and the global good; set course for the future boldly; be curious and eager to learn; foster healthy and productive relationships and teams; and practice empathy and gratitude. ASTC values and celebrates the rich diversity that makes up the teams and organizations we serve and the broader communities our members engage around the world. As we grow our staff, we seek teammates who share ASTC’s commitment to diversity, accessibility, inclusion, and equity.