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Reimagined and Rebranded: Science Centers for the 21st Century

By Eli Kuslansky and Gregory Peduto From Dimensions September/October 2013 Science centers: bastions of fun and exploration, destinations where children can let loose, providers of hands-on learning to spark a lifelong love of science. However, when children grow into adulthood in our technologically accelerating society, are they still called to science centers to satisfy their... Read More

Making the Case

By Sean Smith From Dimensions September/October 2013 For many years, ASTC has attempted to “make the case” to local, state, and national government officials for funding competitive grant programs that can benefit science centers, museums, and their communities. While some of our traditional talking points about engaging audiences with science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), health,... Read More

Dimensions, July/August 2013—Developing the Science Center Workforce

IN THIS ISSUE July/August 2013 This issue of Dimensions looks at the science center and museum workforce and professional development through a broad lens. What are effective ways to hone the skills and expertise of individual staff members, build capacity and cohesion across an institution, and professionalize our broader field? How we can we recruit... Read More

Recruiting for Inclusion and Innovation

By Laura Huerta Migus From Dimensions July/August 2013 “It is diversity that drives innovation: a diversity of perspectives, of industries, of cultures. When we bring together these different perspectives, we have a far better chance of breaking new ground.” —Frans Johansson, author of The Medici Effect Over the past two decades, the United States and... Read More

Science Center and Zoos: Creating Public Value Through Complementary Strengths

By John Fraser, Martin Weiss, Beverly Sheppard, and Kate Flinner From Dimensions July/August 2013 Educators at science centers, zoos, and other informal science education institutions (ISE) work in distinct traditions. Yet, funders often lump them into a single class of ISE environments. Even science centers and zoos themselves may imagine that they compete for funds... Read More

Dimensions, May/June 2013—Personalizing the Visitor Experience

IN THIS ISSUE May/June 2013 Free-choice learning is the hallmark of science centers and interactive museums. But many institutions are taking this idea a step further by exploring strategies for personalizing the visitor experience—before, during, or after the visit. Some approaches are high tech, like compiling a visitor’s on-site experiences onto a personalized webpage. Others... Read More

Dimensions, March/April 2013—Exploring New Worlds: Digital Media, Gaming, and Learning

IN THIS ISSUE March/April 2013 Digital media is increasingly present in our daily lives, as well as on the floor of the science center. In this issue, we look at how informal educators and designers are using digital media and gaming to create compelling, interactive learning experiences. Whether by tackling science-based challenges on a mobile... Read More