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Citizen Science Boot Camp

Even before the official start of ASTC 2014, attendees were outside having fun and doing science in Citizen Science Boot Camp. The Friday morning workshop was designed to give participants tools they can use to build their own visitor-centered citizen science programs. Participants split into groups to “bioblitz” two downtown Raleigh parks, collecting data using... Read More

Engineering Innovation in After-School Programs

In a Saturday afternoon, hands-on session, Engineering Innovation in After-School Programs, presenters demonstrated several successful approaches for engaging school-age audiences in STEM learning. Participants built cardboard crawlers, simple gearbox and motor robots that are inexpensive enough to solo kids to take home their creations, and tested their programming skills building kaleidoscope machines using Arduino boards.... Read More

Around the Zooniverse

On Monday, panelists in Online Citizen Science and Science Center Participation: Parallels? presented early findings of a three-year study examining motivation and engagement patterns of volunteers for, an online citizen science project that engages volunteers in science investigations during leisure time. Arfon Smith, chief technological officer,, began by giving an overview of Zooniverse... Read More