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Emerging Science Centers in Africa: Learning as a field, four years after Cape Town

In the extended Sunday morning session “Emerging Science Centers in Africa: Learning as a field, four years after Cape Town,” Ronen Mir of Schwartz/Reisman Science Education Centers, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel, led an international panel that explored the future of science centers in Africa and how the field has expanded in recent years. In 2011,... Read More

Future Cities: How might science museums/centers contribute to making cities more livable for more people?

“We now live in an age of cities. Cities are the engines of global innovation and the drivers of global change. A sustainable planet is not possible without sustainable cities, and this will require enormous innovation and creativity,” remarked Patrick Hamilton, the Science Museum of Minnesota’s director of global change initiatives, at the ASTC 2015... Read More

Lesley Lewis Receives the ASTC Fellow Award for Outstanding Contribution

Written by Sean Smith During the opening session of the 2015 ASTC Annual Conference, the Association presented the ASTC Fellow Award for Outstanding Contribution, the Association’s highest honor, to Lesley Lewis, former CEO of the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, former ASTC board chair, and current museum consultant. ASTC Fellows are individuals who merit special... Read More

Dimensions, September/October 2015—Addressing Global Issues

IN THIS ISSUE September/October 2015 As this issue of Dimensions goes to press, world leaders are preparing to convene at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York City to formally adopt the post-2015 development agenda, committing to 17 ambitious new Sustainable Development Goals. So many of the critical issues facing our planet—from climate change... Read More

Dwell on This

By Anthony (Bud) Rock A collective mass of youthful exuberance pulses through our science centers and museums on any given day. As I visit our ASTC-member institutions around the world, I find it extremely rewarding to watch all that energy being transformed into focused, intense contemplation of specific topics or experiences. I have always been... Read More

If you could go back, what advice would you give yourself when you first started your museum or informal education career?

This is an extended discussion of the question that appeared in the Viewpoints department of the September/October 2015 issue of Dimensions magazine.   Before my first nonprofit management position (in England), I wish I could have coached my newbie self: learn about spreadsheets, practice daily meditation and stretching, and schedule physical exercise and play time... Read More

Q&A with Annick Desjardins: Using Polio to Kill Cancer

Interviewed by Joelle Seligson This interview appeared in the September/October 2015 issue of Dimensions magazine. When neurologist Annick Desjardins first heard about an experimental therapy that uses the polio virus to attack cancer cells, she admittedly thought it was an off-the-wall idea. In the 12 years since then, however, Desjardins—now associate professor of neurology at... Read More