The business case for culturally competent institutions

Most science centers have made a philosophical commitment to embracing and supporting diverse staff and audiences. However, moving from commitment to implementation requires resources and a long-term commitment to efforts that key decision-makers may not see as directly improving the bottom line. In “The Business Case for Culturally Competent Institutions,” an October 31 session at the... Read More

Toronto, Helsinki: What's next?

Following the 5th Science Centre World Congress in Toronto in June 2008, and a March 2009 science and society “think tank” in Helsinki, this October 31 ASTC annual conference session asked “What’s Next?” as science centers around the world grapple with how to address the planet’s major challenges. Session leader Walter Staveloz of ASTC set the stage... Read More

Take it to the stage

“REDOX, that’s a chem. abbreviation, REDOX, it means reduction-oxidation That’s what’s got you down, nearly driving you insane, It happens when electrons are lost and gained.” The sounds of songs like this one drifted out from the session “Science in Song” at the ASTC Annual Conference on October 31. Three science center bands shared their... Read More

Anousheh Ansari speaks of passion for science and education in keynote

Technology innovator, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and space explorer Anousheh Ansari gave the keynote address, entitled “Science Centers as Agents of Change,” at the ASTC Annual Conference on October 31. Deeply committed to bringing people together for social change, Ansari spoke of the great potential she sees in science centers for inspiring curiosity, creativity, and action on societal... Read More

Bonnie VanDorn receives ASTC Fellow Award

Lesley Lewis, ASTC president, and Wit Ostrenko, ASTC immediate past president, presented retiring ASTC executive director Bonnie VanDorn with the Fellow Award for Outstanding Contribution “for leading ASTC from its modest beginnings to a truly global community of science center professionals, while simultaneously expanding the size, stature, and strength of the entire field. Bonnie used... Read More

Ten years of the ASTC Diversity and Leadership Development Fellows Program

This year marks the 10th anniversary of ASTC’s Diversity and Leadership Development Fellows Program, designed to support people of color in the science center field and to increase the diversity of delegates at the ASTC Annual Conference. In response to the ever-changing nature of equity and diversity issues, eligibility criteria have since been expanded to... Read More