Dimensions, March/April 2002—Hands-On Health: Science Centers and Public Health Education

IN THIS ISSUE March/April 2002 Visitors come to science centers and museums trusting that the information they find will be accurate and unbiased. Nowhere is our obligation to earn that trust more important than in exhibits and programs related to human health and well-being. The health information we provide today—to individuals and to the public... Read More

Dimensions, January/February 2002—A Common Vision: ASTC's Equity and Diversity Initiative

IN THIS ISSUE January/February 2002 Change was coming to science centers before September 11th, 2001, but the events of that day make our response even more critical. The communities around us are evolving, and we must evolve, too, or risk losing our relevance. With this issue, ASTC launches its Equity and Diversity Initiative, a five-year... Read More

Dimensions, September/October 2001—Where's the Science in Science Centers

IN THIS ISSUE September/October 2001 How to put science in the hands of the people, when the scientific enterprise now operates on a scale both microscopic and vast? That’s a central question for science centers, one that gets harder to answer as museum leaders feel increasingly constrained by a complex, competitive environment. In this issue,... Read More

Dimensions, July/August 2001—Volunteer Power!

IN THIS ISSUE July/August 2001 As countries around the world observe the U.N.-sponsored “International Year of Volunteers 2001,” science centers and museums have good reason to celebrate. In this issue, we hear from volunteer program directors, museum staff, and volunteer themselves about the many ways that volunteering adds value to the museum experience. CONTENTS •... Read More

Dimensions, March/April 2001—From Counting to Chaos: Mathematics in Science Centers

IN THIS ISSUE March/April 2001 CONTENTS • Hands-On Mathematics: Taking the Next Step, by Andrea Anderson and Carolyn Sutterfield • Mathematics to Go: A Traveling Exhibition Sampler • Bringing Math to Life: Four Science Center Projects, by Kathleen Krafft, Charlie Trautmann, Christine Valiant, Anne Herndon, Tom Krakauer and Dean Briere • Go Figure! Evaluating a Math... Read More

Dimensions, November/December 2000—After School: A Window of Opportunity

IN THIS ISSUE November/December 2000 CONTENTS • After School Hours: A Time for Children and Science Centers, by DeAnna Banks Beane • Students Teaching Students: Applying the YouthALIVE! Model in a School-Based Program, by Jane Finkenbine • Science Centers and the 21st CCLC Initiative: A View from the Mott Foundation, by Marianne Kugler • A... Read More

Dimensions, September/October 2000—On the Cutting Edge: Addressing Current Topics in Science

IN THIS ISSUE September/October 2000 CONTENTS • Keeping Up with Science: Creating the Wellcome Wing, by Graham Farmelo • The Edge of What? Cutting-Edge Science and the Common Touch, by Hooley McLaughlin • Staging Current Science: Want to Help Visitors Understand a Cutting-Edge Topic? Turn It into a Play, by Tessa Bridal • High Tech... Read More