Dimensions, January/February 2020—Breaking Down Silos

IN THIS ISSUE January/February 2020 In this issue, we explore the benefits of breaking down silos. When teams, isolated units, or organizations operate out of step or even at cross-purposes with one another, action may be required. Breaking down silos can increase effectiveness, efficiency, communication, and camaraderie. It can allow for programs and events not... Read More

Breaking Down Barriers by Building Bridges

By Cristin Dorgelo We’re using this first issue of 2020 to examine how to step out of silos to foster collaboration toward positive forward progress. Silos exist within organizations, preserved through cultures, practices, and habits that disincentivize teamwork and transparency. Silos exist between organizations and across fields that limit our ability to learn about promising... Read More

Q&A with Nalini Nadkarni

Interviewed by Susan Straight This interview appeared in the January/February 2020 issue of Dimensions magazine. Nalini Nadkarni is an ecologist and professor at the University of Utah, a pioneer of treetop canopy research, a National Geographic Explorer, and an adviser for Mattel’s new line of Explorer Barbies. She has won numerous major awards, such as... Read More