Dimensions, November/December 2002—Connecting Teachers and Science

IN THIS ISSUE November/December 2002 At most science centers, professional development for teachers is a key part of education programs. In a 2001 ASTC survey, 84 percent of U.S. members reported offering teacher workshops; for members in other countries, the figure was 76 percent. What is increasingly common, however, in this era of educational reform... Read More

Dimensions, September/October 2002—Building Technology Literacy

IN THIS ISSUE September/October 2002 Have science-technology centers been emphasizing one half of their mandate at the expense of the other? The 2002 publication of Technology Speaking: Why All Americans Need to Know More About Technology, a report from the National Academy of Engineering and the National Research Council, is challenging museums to measure their... Read More

Dimensions, July/August 2002—The Meeting of Art & Science

IN THIS ISSUE July/August 2002 Are art and science mutually incomprehensible, the “two-cultures” described by physicist C.P. Snow? Or are they mutually complementary, two ways of expressing what physicist David Bohm called “a certain oneness and totality, a wholeness”? In this issue, museum professionals discuss the roles that artists play in their institutions and explore... Read More

Dimensions, May/June 2002—Strategies for Tough Times

IN THIS ISSUE May/June 2002 Stagnant attendance, canceled field trips, staff layoffs, and budget cutbacks—recent reports from ASTC members have been sobering. Although these post-September 11th anxieties may be new for many science centers and museums, operational challenges are not. In this issue, we look at strategies that allow institutions to survive and thrive even... Read More

Dimensions, March/April 2002—Hands-On Health: Science Centers and Public Health Education

IN THIS ISSUE March/April 2002 Visitors come to science centers and museums trusting that the information they find will be accurate and unbiased. Nowhere is our obligation to earn that trust more important than in exhibits and programs related to human health and well-being. The health information we provide today—to individuals and to the public... Read More

Dimensions, January/February 2002—A Common Vision: ASTC's Equity and Diversity Initiative

IN THIS ISSUE January/February 2002 Change was coming to science centers before September 11th, 2001, but the events of that day make our response even more critical. The communities around us are evolving, and we must evolve, too, or risk losing our relevance. With this issue, ASTC launches its Equity and Diversity Initiative, a five-year... Read More