Dimensions, November/December 2013—Enlightening Our Practice: Advancing the Field Through Research

IN THIS ISSUE November/December 2013 While Dimensions has published new studies and research-based articles in the past, this is the first time an issue has focused entirely on research related to the science center and museum field. Research is critical to science center and museum professionals—it expands our perspectives and understanding, grounds our work in... Read More

Today’s Destination Visitors

By Diane Lochner and Tom Owen From Dimensions November/December 2013 Now that the United States has passed through the crucible of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, destination visitors, both locals and those traveling, are back. And they are wiser, seek greater value, and are more sensitive to “pain points” (see graph) than... Read More

A Fresh New Look

The entire ASTC staff is tremendously excited about the fresh, new, and inspirational look to ASTC these days. We hope readers ASTC’s print and online materials have noticed that the ASTC logo has taken on a new “flare,” literally! You could say the Association is “ablaze” with new programs and services, and our new logo... Read More

Q&A with Jeffrey Rudolph

Interviewed by Joelle Seligson This interview appeared in the November/December 2013 issue of Dimensions magazine. Thirty-one years ago, Jeffrey Rudolph entered the science center and museum field “more or less by mistake.” Chance events led Rudolph, now president and CEO of the California Science Center (CSC) in Los Angeles and president of the California Science... Read More

Dimensions, September/October 2013—Shaping Perceptions of Science Centers

IN THIS ISSUE September/October 2013 When people look at science centers, what do they see? How can science centers shape those perceptions in a positive direction? In this issue of Dimensions, we examine how important audiences and stakeholders—including government officials, people from minority backgrounds, teachers, donors, and general adult audiences—perceive science centers. In addition, this... Read More

Reimagined and Rebranded: Science Centers for the 21st Century

By Eli Kuslansky and Gregory Peduto From Dimensions September/October 2013 Science centers: bastions of fun and exploration, destinations where children can let loose, providers of hands-on learning to spark a lifelong love of science. However, when children grow into adulthood in our technologically accelerating society, are they still called to science centers to satisfy their... Read More

Making the Case

By Sean Smith From Dimensions September/October 2013 For many years, ASTC has attempted to “make the case” to local, state, and national government officials for funding competitive grant programs that can benefit science centers, museums, and their communities. While some of our traditional talking points about engaging audiences with science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), health,... Read More

Field Trips: What Teachers Told Us

By Mary Ann Wojton From Dimensions September/October 2013 Student field trips to COSI in Columbus, Ohio, attract approximately 75,000 visitors annually. We wanted to understand how teachers perceive our science center and field trip offerings in order to better serve them and to represent ourselves to them in the most positive and relevant way. Therefore,... Read More

Best Practices in Public Relations

We asked public relations (PR) professionals from science centers and museums around the world to send us their best practices, guidelines, practical tips, and pieces of advice. Here’s what they told us. (This is an extended version of an article that appeared in the September/October 2013 issue of Dimensions magazine.) Thanksgiving Point is currently in... Read More