An Art and Science Gallery

This is an extended version of an article that appeared in the March/April 2012 issue of Dimensions magazine. Science center and museum professionals, artists, and educators from around the world share their projects, programs, exhibitions, and initiatives that combine science and art. In our new Art of Science Gallery, the Academy of Natural Sciences of... Read More

How should a science center or museum’s success be measured?

This discussion was originally published in the Viewpoints department of the March/April 2012 of Dimensions magazine. Along with traditional measures of financial performance and customer satisfaction, a successful science center needs to show how it achieves its mission of engaging the public in science and technology. An innovative approach would be to convert evaluation studies into... Read More

Q&A with Boaz Almog

Interviewed by Joelle Seligson This interview appeared in the March/April 2012 issue of Dimensions magazine. Picture a steaming air hockey puck spinning in a circle while floating in midair. This strange vision resembles a phenomenon demonstrated by Tel Aviv University’s Superconductivity Group at the 2011 ASTC Annual Conference in Baltimore last October. The “floating puck”... Read More

Dimensions, January/February 2012—Science Center Exhibitions: Views from the Field

IN THIS ISSUE January/February 2012 Exhibitions are perhaps the most quintessential and exciting element of science centers’ work. In this issue of Dimensions, we examine the exhibition philosophies of various institutions, as well as the design principles that lead to great exhibition experiences. In addition, we explore the advantages of tinkering and prototyping in house,... Read More

Informal Science Learning: Unpredictable, Chaotic…and Viral!

I recently represented ASTC on the scientific advisory board of a large media group that held its annual retreat in the pristine Colorado wilderness. Gathered together were leading scientific researchers, innovators, captains of industry, technology-based investors and philanthropists, artists, and science communicators. In a relaxed venue, this diverse group explored the science issues that are... Read More

Should science centers and museums adopt ethical guidelines regarding corporate sponsorships? If so, what should these guidelines be?

This is an extended discussion of the question that appeared in the Viewpoints department of the January/February 2012 issue of Dimensions magazine. Science centers and museums should adopt overarching gift acceptance and ethical fundraising policies that should be approved by their governing boards.  In addition, in order to ensure accountability and informed decision-making regarding corporate... Read More