Dimensions, September/October 2010—Global Issues, Local Efforts

IN THIS ISSUE September/October 2010 As respected members of their communities, science centers are well equipped to tackle science-based global issues in ways that are locally relevant. The United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) outline some of the most critical issues facing the world today, many of them with a basis in science: eradicating extreme... Read More

Repeat Engagement for Visitors

By Emily O’Hara and Beth Krusi From ASTC Dimensions July/August 2010 As a small, regional museum drawing from a small population, the Montshire Museum of Science in rural Norwich, Vermont, attracts a high proportion of repeat visitors. About 80 percent of visitors have been to the museum before, and we average 18 individual visits per... Read More

Dimensions, May/June 2010—Variations on a Theme: Science Centers Address Biodiversity

IN THIS ISSUE May/June 2010 The United Nations has declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity. Defined as the variety of life on Earth, biodiversity refers not only to the world’s diverse array of species, from animals to plants to micro-organisms, but also to the genetic variation within species, and the ecosystems where... Read More