Afterschool Programs and Science Centers Partnering To Serve Youth

ASTC recently partnered with the Afterschool Alliance to explore and promote STEM in afterschool programming. On August 8, 2013, we presented a webinar on how afterschool programs and science centers can work together. You can view the webinar in its entirety here: Are you interested in afterschool programs, but unsure how to connect with programs... Read More

Upcoming Webinar from Dr. Jeffrey Ford – "The Four Conversations: Daily Communications that Gets Results"

ASTC is pleased to announce a new professional development opportunity for the ASTC community. Please join us on June 25th at 3pm EDT for a FREE webinar with Dr. Jeffrey Ford, author of The Four Conversations: Daily Communications that Gets Results. This webinar, building from a wildly popular pre-conference workshop at last year’s ASTC Annual... Read More

Space Science Institute Launches STAR_Net to Join Libraries with STEM Professionals

The National Center for Interactive Learning at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado has launched a website to bring science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programming to public libraries. STAR_Net, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, aims to connect professionals in the STEM fields with library staff members in order to... Read More

Leveraging Free Online Resources to Expand Awareness of Informal Learning Programs

How can science centers effectively use online resources to increase awareness about their programs? Where can informal science educators search for vetted programs and opportunities specific to their needs? During an ASTC 2012 session, Leveraging Free Online Resources to Expand Awareness of Informal Learning Programs, Carol Tang, director of the Coalition for Science After School... Read More

Transforming Science Education

On June 10, the Carnegie Corporation of New York—Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) Commission on Mathematics and Science Education kicked-off a national mobilization to achieve much higher levels of math and science learning with the release of its report, The Opportunity Equation: Transforming Mathematics and Science Education for Citizenship and the Global Economy. The report... Read More