With many science and technology center and museum staff working in new ways, redeployed, and furloughed, how are their needs being supported? How are they learning and coping with new roles? How will these extraordinary times shape the future workforce? Join us Tuesday, May 19 at 9:00 a.m. PDT / 12:00 p.m. EDT for an informal hangout to discuss the following topics:

  • What are staff doing now that they didn’t do before the pandemic?
  • What skills do staff now need that they didn’t before the pandemic?
  • How will skill sets that are typically required change as your institution reopens?

Register here.This is the first event in a series of hangouts facilitated by Dennis Schatz (Institute for Learning Innovation), Andy Aichele (COSI), and Lesley Markham (ASTC).Registration is required and is limited to 25 participants. The session will not be recorded to allow for frank and personal discussion. Zoom details will be sent to participants following registration.If you register and are then unable to attend, please email Lesley Markham at lmarkham@astc.org so that we can add participants from a waitlist.


Price: Free

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