Established in 2018, the Institute for Science & Policy at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is a catalyst for solving problems through civil dialogue and scientific thinking. Situated at the intersection of science, policy, media, and community engagement, the Institute is designed to become a trusted convener and honest broker, working across divides to help address our most complex state, national, and global challenges. The Institute envisions a future where science has a respected seat at the table in public discourse and policymaking.

Join George Sparks, President & CEO of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and founder of the Institute for Science & Policy, and Kristan Uhlenbrock, Director of the Institute for Science & Policy, for a virtual, roundtable conversation where they will share the motivation for forming the Institute, their approach to bridging divides, and what lessons they’ve learned so far.

We hope this event will be the start to an ongoing conversation on what other organizations are doing and ways we can work together.

May 18, 2021
1:00 pm — 2:00 pm ET

Price: Free

Organizer(s): Institute for Science & Policy

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