Host the ASTC Annual Conference

ASTC invites you to consider hosting its 2020 ASTC Annual Conference.

Make Your Mark

Put your exhibitions, programs, facilities, and operations in the spotlight, in front of the global science center and museum field. Drive at least $1 million in economic activity to your community and strengthen relationships with local partners and supporters. Energize your staff, board, and volunteers with complimentary registrations and new professional development experiences.

Make plans now to apply.

Basic Requirements

To be considered, your institution must:

    Be an ASTC member;

  • Have access to a theater and a planetarium for demonstrations (preferred, not essential);
  • Have an onsite location adequate for the Saturday Night Party (capacity of 1,000–1,200); and
  • Be able to host a Museum Open House Day.

Proposal Procedure

Read the Host RFP Guidelines and complete the following Host Questionnaire.

Starting in 2012, ASTC revised its search criteria for selecting host cities for the annual conference. With the new process, member institutions are invited to submit a request for proposal (RFP) to host the conference. This invitation is sent directly to ASTC members, not to the local convention and visitors bureaus.

If you are interested in submitting an RFP, please contact ASTC’s Conference Department at so that we may send out a link to your local Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Deadline for Submission

All forms and questionnaires should be submitted by Monday, May 1, 2017.

Selection Process

ASTC’s Conference Program Planning, Development, and Finance Committees will review the proposals, after which the ASTC Board of Directors will make a final recommendation for the conference location. You will receive notification during July 2017 if your institution is selected to host the 2020 conference. If the committee requires additional information during the review process, you will be contacted by an ASTC representative.

Please contact ASTC’s Conference Department at (202) 783-7200 or with any questions.