Museum Experience Day



Museum Experience Day—
Behind the Scenes and Beneath the Surface

Tuesday, October 2
9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Connecticut Science Center
Included with conference registration. Runs concurrently with Big Screen Day at the science center.

Join your colleagues at the Connecticut Science Center, who will throw open the doors, lift up the curtains, unlock the secret passageways, and provide unrestricted access to all that makes up the daily workings at this institution.

Take tours, join in pop-up discussions, participate in informal workshops, hang out for Q&A sessions—unpack the experience at the Connecticut Science Center and have a ton of fun in the process!

Here are just some of the “behind the scenes” type of offerings that you can explore and investigate:

“Practice of NGSS” Professional Development for Educators (9:00–11:00 a.m.)
Registration is required as space is limited; click here to sign up.
Get a glimpse of the work that we do to prepare teachers for NGSS. Participants will engage in an immersive activity from one of our workshops. Then engage in discussion on how this fits into the full workshop, our approach to following up, and how you can help teachers prepare for NGSS.

NGSS Discovery Center Labs: 15 Mini-labs Highlighting Key NGSS-aligned Activities
Join our educators for some hands-on exploration of our phenomenon-based student programming from our 45-minute laboratory programs. Learn how we are reinventing our programs and adapting our classes to be even better and NGSS-aligned.

Ticketing Talk
What visitor services or reservations professional doesn’t love to talk about ticketing systems and databases? Drop by our ticketing counter and meet our managers and database gurus. We’ll share our experience converting from Patrons Edge to Tessitura, review how our processes changed, and share our optimization of the sales process.

Informal Science Improv Workshop
Come develop your presentation skills, including refining key messages, becoming more aware of your body language, building, listening skills, and more. Improvisational techniques have proven successful for training scientists to develop better communication skills. This is an engaging and fun opportunity to learn new approaches to connecting with audiences.

Improving Access to Informal Science Learning
With more than 600 families enrolled, the Access Membership program is a community-development program designed to change the demographic of our audience and give us the opportunity to learn more about what keeps children, parents, and caregivers from fully engaging in informal learning experiences. Learn more about our STEM spark-to-career programs for underserved audiences.

Live Science Theater
Storytelling meets science demonstrations in these 15-minute, small theater shows. Stop by to see our presenters communicating content through fun, engaging programs. Become part of a live studio audience for a game show, help our survivalist prepare for their next adventure, or investigate what the Earth has to say.

Live Science: Doggy DNA Genomics Lab (10:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.)
Come isolate “canine” DNA and then use sequences from the canine genome to determine the traits of a particular dog, ultimately inferring its breed. Explore DNA analysis as we highlight actual genes that allow visitors to make connections to the human genome, creating a truly authentic and immersive experience.

Youth Programs—Birthday Parties and Camp
Drop in and discuss managing youth programs, specifically how we incorporate pop culture in programming. Focusing on things kids love gives us the opportunity to find common ground, inspire a love of science, teach content, and spark imagination. We’ll share current themes, activities, opportunities, and challenges of each program.

Butterflies: A Behind-the-Scenes Look
We transformed an internal space into a four-season, tropical ecosystem. No small feat. Now it is home to 30 species of plants, 40–50 butterfly species, and buttonquail. Chat with our horticulture and entomology experts about environmental controls, USDA APHIS regulations, managing a living collection, educating visitors, pest management, and much more.

Facilities Pop-Up Talks & Tours
No one knows more about the day-to-day in a building than the people that keep it running. Stop by and talk with some of our facility experts to get the inside scoop of how we operate, support exhibits on the floor, and keep this unique building battle ready.