Upcoming Webinar: How to Get People to Read Your Reports

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Dusty discarded reports and dull dry presentations hinder evaluation use. No matter how rigorous the study or how fascinating the methods and results, evaluators and evaluation advocates often find themselves struggling with how to communicate in ways that are not only heard but understood and acted upon. Communication is key to evaluation use.

Join Kate Livingston, founder and principal of ExposeYourMuseum LLC and program co-chair of the American Evaluation Association’s Data Visualization and Reporting topical interest group, on Wednesday, August 12, at 3:00 p.m. ET for a 90-minute session on creative and compelling communication strategies for evaluation reporting, “How to Get People to Read Your Reports: Creative and Compelling Strategies for Effective Evaluation Reporting.”

From exploring the science behind visual communication and information retention to promoting simple and low-cost ways to communicate in compelling ways, this webinar will provide attendees with avenues to increase stakeholder excitement around evaluation reporting. Drawing on gurus like Nancy Duarte, Dan Roam, Nathan Yau, Stephanie Evergreen, Ann Emery, and Stephen Few, participants will examine visual and written communication from the perspectives of our intended audiences. What works? What doesn’t? What tips and tricks can we employ right now, even with limited resources, to ensure better communication and encourage evaluation use?

This webinar is co-hosted by the Association of Science-Technology Centers and the Visitor Studies Association. The registration fee is $25 and includes access to an archived recording of the webinar, handouts, and a digital badge/certificate for participating in the live webinar.

Register now!
Date: August 12
Time: 3:00 –4:30 p.m. ET
Cost: $25

Questions? Contact profdev@astc.org.

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