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What is the stuff you put in the trash can every day? Once you toss it, chances are you never want to think about it or smell it again. But take a closer look. It's not all disgusting.

Paper and textiles make up 42% of our garbage.
Metal, plastic, and glass make up 23% of our garbage.
Yard waste (like grass clippings and leaves) make up 18% of our garbage.
Food waste makes up 7% of our garbage (and most of the smell).
photo of trash pile
  Photo courtesy of Rodale Stock Images.

Rotten Truth:
It's usually the rotting meat, fruits, and vegetables that make us think all garbage is disgusting and smells bad. But they're only a small part of all the stuff we throw away.

To Think About:
To change the ways we deal with garbage, we need to change how we feel about garbage. Garbage often makes us react with discomfort, revulsion, aversion, and fascination. Our attitudes about garbage can change once we realize that some garbage is useful material rather than something to be thrown out.

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