We Want to Hear Your Ideas and Input



ASTC is embarking on a strategic planning process, the first step of which is to listening deeply to our members and other stakeholders to better understand the work of their centers, the ambitions they have for the future, the challenges they are facing, and how ASTC can better serve them.

Throughout the global listening and engagement process we will have in-person regional facilitated sessions, virtual online conversations, dedicated discussions at conferences, a member survey and online data collection, and public feedback and input processes.

You can help right now, and play a part in framing the upcoming conversations about the future, by sharing your thoughts on these three big questions:

  • What do you see as the future of your local science center and its impact in your community for the next three to five (to 10) years?
  • What barriers are standing in the way, or what opportunities must be seized, to achieve that vision?
  • How can ASTC best promote and advocate for our member organizations, build capacity within them and among their staff, and otherwise make possible the science center of the future?


Click here to share what you think.


If you work at an ASTC member-organization, you can also help by participating in a membership survey that is part of this strategic planning process—and sharing your ambitions for the future, challenges you face, and how you think ASTC can better serve you.

Have other input? Email us anytime at ideas@astc.