ASTC Member Profile: Gujarat Science City – Ahmedabad, India

Science-City-AhmedabadMission: The popularization of science to create scientific temper in the community to promote knowledge-driven economic growth.

Opened in 1960, Gujarat Science City is an initiative of the Gujarat Government, built with the goal to provide both education and entertainment while creating meaningful experiences and activities with contemporary, hands-on exhibits, all to increase understanding of and engagement with science. The six main areas of the complex include:

  • The Hall of Space, which centers around space travel and communication;
  • The Hall of Science, with hands-on activities for a variety of science concepts;
  • The Planet Earth Pavilion, currently in development, which will build awareness of, and educate visitors on, natural disasters;
  • Energy Education Park, also in the process of being built, showcases different sources of energy, such as wind and solar;
  • The Life Science Park highlights the study of nature and evolution;
  • The aptly named Electrodome focuses on electricity, both how it’s generated and how it’s used, as well as how to conserve power.

In addition to the myriad number of exhibits, Gujarat Science Park also hosts many “science popularization activities” and programs, such as a Science Olympiad club and a popular science lecture series. To compliment all of these programs, the science center also has an IMAX theater, amphitheatre, and simulator.

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