ASTC Member Profile: The Mind Museum – Taguig, Philippines


Mission: To provide an extraordinary educational experience that inspires the public understanding of science.

The Mind Museum, located in Taguig in the Philippines, opened in March 2012. A project of the non-profit Bonifacio Art Foundation, the museum aims to “inspire curiosity for the natural world, foster critical thinking and self-discovery, enhance science education with interactive learning, [and] develop the next generation of scientists and innovators.” The Mind Museum is housed in a beautifully designed, LEED-Gold certified building and places a strong emphasis on sustainable practices.

Over 250 interactive exhibits are presented through five interconnected galleries:

  • The Atom Gallery includes interactive exhibits ranging from the basics of gravity and electromagnetism to the puzzling world of quantum physics.
  • The Earth Gallery, featuring the first permanent Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibit in the Philippines, focuses on natural history and the forces that shaped the planet we know today.
  • The Life Gallery features exhibits on habitats and the different kinds of organisms they nurture, right down to the DNA that makes up every one of them.
  • The Universe Gallery concentrates on the wonder of outer space and includes a mini-planetarium with daily educational programs.
  • The Technology Gallery showcases technology through all aspects of our lives and how it can help us to become better people.

The museum also features two outdoor areas, Science-in-the-Park and the JY Campos Park, as well as special events, such as science sleepovers, astronomy presentations, and a science film festival.

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