ASTC Member Profile: Museo de los Niños de Caracas – Caracas, Venezuela

Mission: Helping children to “learn by playing” with the principles of science, technology, art, and the fundamental values of society.

The Museo de los Niños de Caracas opened after eight years of planning, on August 5, 1982, led by Alicia Pietri de Caldera, the First Lady of Venezuela from 1969-1974 and 1994-1999. Exhibits and experiences at the museum are designed for children ages 6 to 14 and focus on being the opposite of a traditional “do not touch” museum. Exhibits are divided into four core subjects:

  • Biology – The Biology area includes information on the human body and brain, genetics, health and nutrition, and microscopy. Many of the exhibits include three-dimensional models and other interactive elements.
  • Communication – The Communication area includes exhibits on language, telecommunication, television, photography, film, and computing.
  • Ecology – The Ecology area demonstrates the relationships between living things and their surroundings, including information on ecosystems, food chains, natural resources, alternative energies, and environmental protection.
  • Physics – The Physics area covers the foundations of mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, optics, and more thorough hands-on activities.

Visitors can also participate in programs on space travel, color, and living a drug-free life, as well as visit the newest exhibit all about energy. The museum also has a planetarium and hosts programs for children during school breaks and corporate events.

The Museo de los Niños de Caracas is open daily. For more information, visit