Science centers worldwide host climate conversations

IGLO event at Heureka, Vantaa, Finland

More than 30 science centers worldwide participated in an October 4 “conversation” about climate science and public policy coordinated by ASTC’s IGLO initiative (International Action on Global Warming). In the United States, the event was part of the National Conversation on Climate Action, sponsored by the Yale School of Environment and Forestry, ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability), and IGLO. Many centers used the DECIDE (Deliberative Citizens’ Debate) “game” developed by Europe science centers and adapted for this event by IGLO partners. Participants considered alternative policies, agreed on consensus positions, and uploaded results to the DECIDE website. By October 7, 77 groups had recorded their results.

Groups meeting in science centers worldwide considered four policy positions suggested by game materials: adapt to climate change, invest in climate science, adopt economic incentives to increase energy efficiency and reduce deforestation, or adopt international agreements and a deadline of 2015 for major change. Most recommended a combination of strategies and suggested others. A group meeting in Finland summed up their discussion: “Climate change is a joint problem of us all, rich and poor. The fight against it could unite us all.”

Other October 4 programs included: a discussion panel at the Marian Koshland Science Museum, Washington, D.C.; a global warming “game show” at Questacon, Canberra, Australia; and science demonstrations and films at the Città della Scienza, Naples, Italy. Check the IGLO and PlayDECIDE web sites for updates.